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Ancell Energy Consulting, Inc. provides worldwide reservoir engineering consulting services to the oil and gas production industry. Ancell Energy is proficient over the full range of reservoir engineering services from single well evaluations to complex full-field simulation studies.  

In the petroleum production business the watchword is asset value. We at AEC consider it our responsibility to identify, quantify and enhance the value of our clients' assets. What we provide is studied, comprehensive professional opinions delivered in a timely and cost effective manner.   Years of evaluation experience tempers our engineering judgment and ethical approach.

AEC has performed analysis work on a wide variety of worldwide projects ranging from typical oil and gas reserve analysis to coalbed methane to reservoir engineering and simulation of the giant deepwater oil and gas fields of the Gulf of Mexico. AEC's clients range from small independent oil and gas companies to financial lending institutions to many of the world's largest exploration and production companies.  

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